My History

I began my journey in 1978 working at The Stained Glass Co of New Mexico, mentored by the owner Norm Dobbins. I started working with building contractors in New Mexico through my association with Lani McGregor in 1982, who is now the VP at Bullseye Glass Company in Portland Oregon.

Expressions of the Sun is a working studio located in a commercial building site, leasing 950 sq. ft. for it's glass creations. It's been in this location since 1985. Expressions of the Sun doesn't service its self as a walk in store front, so calling for an appointment is required.

# 505 - 266 - 2619

​Established in 1982, as an art glass studio in Albuquerque, N.M., specializing in custom leaded and etched glass panels for residential and commercial interiors. Entryways, skylights and windows have been many of the applications of space, chosen for glass projects. My work can be viewed in hundreds of homes and businesses throughout the southwest.


Bonnie D. Burk owner of                       Expressions of the Sun

“I love the creative process that begins with the design on paper, then completing the idea by fabricating glass panels into architecture, enhancing dancing light and line.”

In addition to my custom work, I also have the largest selection of decorative clear pattern glass in New Mexico. I custom cut glass to fit cabinet doors to be installed into new or remodeled cabinetry for kitchen, bathrooms and furniture.